I'm thinking of getting back into the B&W wet process printing but I only want to do very large prints at least 56x84 and 56x112 inches. I'll be shooting 6x12cm and 8x10" film. I'm not "currently" seeking any advice other than choice of enlarging lenses. I've done the calculations and lenses of "normal" focal length will provide the image sizes I seek, in the space I have, with a little room to spare. I want the highest center-to-corner resolution possible without going bankrupt... film grain be damned. From what I've been reading the latest/best Apo lenses are the optimal choice. However, I'm not a wealthy man... just a spoiled brat.

8x10in: If I'm processing the information I'm finding correctly the best bang-for-buck option in the 300mm range might be an old 305mm Apo Nikkor process lens. Please remember, I'm never going to make small or medium-sized prints... only very large ones. So these lenses need to perform very well at high magnification. I don't think the f/9 maximum aperture is going to bother me. Opinions??

6x12cm: I have an all-metal 135mm El Nikkor and a brand new Fujinon EX (still sealed in the factory cellophane). My reading is leading me to believe the Fujinon EX "may" perform slightly better at high magnification. I'd consider an Apo Nikkor for this format too but the shortest one I've seen is 180mm and that "might" limit my print size to just under my target of at least 112 inches wide. However, with the little bit of play I have with may calculations the 180mm "might" just do the trick. Opinions??