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It could be said similarly that single-use, Polaroid, or 126-cartridge cameras "misrepresented" film photography

"Film photography" is not monolithic.

Misrepresenting In the sense that if you had no prior knowledge of film - if your experience of photography was purely digital, then when you discover Lomography you might well get the impression that film is some sort of primitive and quaint way of producing blurred pictures with odd or over saturated colours. Maybe misrepresenting isn't the best word to pick, but a Lomo fan could easily get the impression that digital is for serious, well exposed, properly focused photography - whereas film is fun because it is so unpredictably bizarre...

I think 126 was a way to get your holiday snap taking device small enough to fit into the pocket of your shorts.... and disposables so you don't have to worry about them getting broken or stolen, you can hand them out at weddings and parties, but I don't think many people bought them to deliberately produce pictures that looked weird or strange.