Jim Browning posts the three dyes he uses for DT along with his formula for matrix film at http://www.dyetransfer.org/. These dyes are:

Acid Blue 45- C.I. 63010
Acid Red 80- C.I. 69215
Acid Yellow 11- C.I. 18820

Only Acid Yellow 11 appears to be an azo dye, but it might be suitable for DB.

All the structures I can find for Chicago Blue are diazo (cf. Chicago Sky Blue 6B- C.I. 24410); the dye for the DB emulsion in "Photographic Emulsion Making" Solantine Pink is also diazo, C.I. 25380. Do the Chicago Blue or the Solantine Pink in this DB method transfer?

If I can get out to Rochester, NY I would like to see what I can at the George Eastman House.