Hi everyone,

Been lurking for a while but have some questions on my own in regards to developing.

As some background information, I'm shooting with a Leica M6 & ZM Planar with Tri-X at EI400. I'm developing in Xtol 1:1 for 9mins at 20C.

I seem to be getting mixed results with my negatives and I'm not sure whether it's my exposure or development. I've attached some examples below:

This image I really like.

The two images below seem very contrasty to me.

This image is with a different camera (Olympus MJU) but developed the same.

They seem to lack tonal range and be very contrasty. From the examples given above, do you think I have exposure or development issues? Or am I totally over analysing my work?
Not entirely sure what to try next. I only shoot a roll a week, so it's quite hard to experiment.

Thoughts and comments appreciated. Thanks!