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Thank you! These are negative scans. That definitely sounds positive. I've only been shooting film for around 6 months and I'm currently putting together a darkroom and have no experience printing. Hope to get stuck into that side of things shortly.
Like Andrew says, it's all relative, because it depends on what your output is.
Until you start printing in the darkroom you will not know whether you have over-exposed and/or over-developed your negatives, by looking at the neg scans alone. That's the trouble, you see, that a neg that scans well does not necessarily print well.

Until you have the ability to put a darkroom together, may I suggest that you expose and develop your film according to the manufacturer's instructions? That way you will at least have decent negatives for your darkroom once you have the ability to use it.

After you start printing, you will start to notice how all of the pieces hang together more readily, that film exposure affects shadow detail in your print to a large extent, and that developing time affects the highlight and mid-tone details in your print.

In the meantime, have fun and enjoy shooting film. It is just too much fun.