That's good news then. You are well on your way. With the printing, you will also be able to alter overall contrast with graded paper, or selectively on the same sheet of paper using variable contrast paper.

That said, you should stick with your current film and developer combination, and get some miles under your belt with it. Don't switch things or change your film or developer for something else until you are confident with that specifc film and developer combination that they give you consistent results. Learn how to adjust for various subject brightness ranges. More importantly, printing your negs gives you the best feedback. This is because most people try to match their negs with the way they want to print. Remember, its a system with an end goal of a fine print at the end of it. Tailoring how you manage the exposure of your film, and development of it to give you a specific density neg matched to your printing papers capability, will ultimately make you more consistent and have fewer issues.