I am a hack beginner. I have been developing for about 3 years now. I shoot 135 and 120 on Acros, Neopan, Plus-X, Tri-X, Fomapan 100 and 400, plus Efke and Rollei 80s in 127.

I use the same developer on all of them - whatever I have on hand

I started with Ilfosol-3 but hated it and when it became yellow I turned it out.

Then I went to D-76 which I really liked but mixing is a hassle and it wouldn't last past 6 months for me.

So I bought HC-110 which has lasted a long time. Always used it at dilution B (1+31) But was never all that thrilled.

Last weekend I tried HC-110-H (1+63) and got the prettiest Fuji Neopan negatives I have ever done.

So I think I will stick with HC-110-H for a while before I mix up that X-tol.