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hi stone

never done it in rodinal
but i have processed both e6 + c41 in coffee
the orange ( and yellow ) masks are killer
but if you can get through them, you get smooth grain.


stand develop like everything else ... 25-30mins
the developer was about 4months old, unreplenished ..

good luck !
Well it's more I'm fairly sure you're supposed to over expose by like 1 or 2 stops, also what ratio of Rodinal to use to stand rather than worry about over developing, though I assume it's different than with regular B&W because of the difference in silver content in the C-41 film?

So... that kind of info would help, but it's good to know the images would be blue, I did SOME x-process in Ilfsol 3 with C-41 it was HUGE grain and very dark, I didn't over expose long enough, but again I want to try stand development rather than just normal development.

I think you sent the cafinol recipe but I haven't tried it yet. I will, but working on other things first. Thanks for the info so far.