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So what was the excuse pre-digital?
I'm no expert on the market of film photography, but I think pre-digital there wasn't such a plethora of equipment for next to no money to be had. Like enlargers, for example. Two of my three enlargers are 'rescues' that I got for free, and a lot of it was had for peanuts. Today that is possible, but back then probably not as much. That could well be one reason why some people would shun away.
On the other hand, more public darkrooms were available, so maybe my theory is garbage from the get-go. I'm not sure.

I have to add that today the cost of doing darkroom printing is getting to be a very expensive undertaking. A part of me wonders for how much longer young photographers with a desire to learn silver halide photography can actually afford to get into it. Price is always an issue.