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^^^^^^ NO ^^^^^^^^^^ The CL shutters stink! The only camera to break my heart twice. Never again. Never.. leave it on the shelf.
Sorry to hear you've had problems with the CL shutter. I've had my Leitz Minolta CL for over 15 years and use it fairly often and have never had a problem with it. I also like the way the strap fits on one end of the camera, so it's easy to slide it in a breast pocket and quickly pull it out to use. I've had 2 M3s, and an M2 and sold them cause I didn't enjoy using them that much. (go figure, right?) Beautiful cameras and lenses though. But I still have a prewar model III and a postwar model IIIc that I love very much. I just like the feel of them, and enjoy the results I get with the 50mm Summar lens I use the most. The pictures have glow and softness about them that I'm really fond of. (probably due to the lenses condition as much as anything else) Yeah, the film loading takes some getting used to, and the veiwfinders and rangefinders are kinda small but like one post said, easier doesn't always mean better. I guess like most things, we find the stuff that we like the best is because it fits our particular needs best.