The first 35mm camera that I used was my father's Zeiss Contessa. I still use it. It has a maginificent 45mm Tessar lens and it folds up into a very small (although surprisingly heavy) package. It's far from user-friendly by standards these days, but my use of this camera was the reason I knew how to use LF lenses in shutters without ever reading a word on the subject. The Zeiss lens is mounted in a Synchro-Compur shutter that' still spot-on after all of these years. (I did once have to exercise it for a little while after the camera had not been used for about five years, but the speeds came back perfectly.) The meter has been innacurate for longer than I've been alive, but that's a problem that seems to afflict all of these old selenium meters.

The first 35mm camera that I purchased was a Nikon FE2. It's still my main 35mm camera. It has never been in to the shop for work as it's never needed it, and hopefully never will.