I daily use 4 -elements Scopar screwed to Vito. Is it a bad or a good lens? I also did much work with Minolta AF 24-50/4. What about this one? Rokkor MD 28/2.8.? All these lenses cost me 4 to 6 times less then the cost of this noct. Nikkor. Today, almost any of the equally expensive lenses for digital must be much sharper and have a better color rendition than this noct. Nikkor. Are we talking about a collectible item?
Truth is the selers maintain high prices while the number of buyers vanishes each day. But it is OK, it's their business. The next task for the last standing camera manufacturers is to make the use of adaptors and, concequently, older lenses impossible. I think it is time for them to start working in this direction. Whoever wants to "downshift" will use film cameras and "older" digital.