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That makes the 3rd Kodak man on here I've run up on. Wow, what kind of site IS this? Eastman Kodak--the one company I can bank on that NEVER made an inconsistent or sub-par product. I remember as a teenager browsing the paper shelves at the camera store trying to decide what paper I wanted to experiment with that week. I'd look at those swatch-books at those prints of you guys with a clipboard and pencil, standing in a lab coat examining some production machine. Those swatch prints were so perfect. You could see detail from Zone -100 to zone 100. I'll bet in my lifetime from 1956 on that Kodak NEVER had a return shipment or batch of anything. The thought was always the furthest thing from my mind. Still is to this day. You probably breath so hard down your China producers' necks, that no item comes from there bad, either. I wish you folks could have your company back like it used to be. Regards.
Kodak certainly had high standards- which made their atrocious-at-times Kodachrome processing all the more baffling.