I researched using Fujinon-C lenses as enlarging lenses for oversize prints but found nothing. Maybe I should have done the same search with Artar and Ronar. I searched for the Fujinon-C because I already have those.

I priced a handful of Rodagon-G lenses and those are selling for more than I really want to spend. I'll shell out the cash if I must but surely there are cheaper alternatives that perform nearly as well. I am picky and spoiled rotten... I do want excellent quality. But if prints from a $200 lens are nearly indistinguishable from those from a $800 lens I'll buy the cheaper one.

I hadn't thought of an Apo Symmar or similar. Maybe a 300mm Apo Sironar or Computar would do the job? If one of the latter two are viable solutions that would be optimal because I'm looking for a 300mm lens for 8x10 with excessive coverage.