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Hybrid workflows are essential for some of us who do not have space for a darkroom (or a good one at any rate).

Especially when it comes to color work. When it comes to slides, scanning and projecting are really the only (practical) options left, unless you find someone who has both the material and skill to make a decent ilfochrome. For me, film scanners are really great for proofing, and if I have an image that I love, I print it. But when it comes to color, I just cannot have the set up at this time to wet print RA4. So yes, if it were not for film scanners, many more people would have to use digital out of practical necessity. And even if they didn't, most mini-lab prints are scanned and made digitally anyway. So digital/scanners are still involved. I don't imagine i'm the only one in this situation, so for everyone like me who shoots color, we are slowing the decline of color materials, and contributing to film sales. By extension of this, I would conclude that scanners are in fact, helping film sales.
very interesting reply, thanks!