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They would be excellent solutions. You'd be pretty much in their design sweet-spot, probably moreso than for a classic enlarger lens.

I wouldn't want to not have a normal enlarger lens available for doing smaller test prints though.
I won't be making small prints. Any images I make not worthy of going big won't be printed at all. That'll be most of them. Heck, I may never make a print...

I've been looking for an affordable 305 Computar or 300 Apo Sironar so, essentially, my enlarging lens will cost nothing. The great thing about this is it appeals to both my greedy brat little boy inside and the practical adult cheapskate I also am. I love it when things work out.

I just realized... my enlarging lens for 6x12cm will be free too. My 4x5 kit has a 135mm Apo Symmar.

Anyone in the market for a very nice non-N all-black 135mm El Nikkor or brand new 135mm Fujinon EX?