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Chuck, I don't think the issue comes from pouring, as a stop bath after the CD step prevents these funky patterns regardless of pouring style.

My impression is that as BLIX gets used its pH rises to the point where it doesn't stop development any more. If this is the case, fogging is likely to happen. A stop bath will prevent this for good, since first it stops development at once, and then subsequent washes before the BLIX/bleach will wash out most of the remaining color developer.
Looking at his Jobo processed, hand filled 6x12 image, and seeing the pattern of image corruption, which looked exactly like mine, I have no doubt this is a pouring issue. I had it with fresh chems, exactly like his. This is why I asked him how he filled. It is an issue with the way the Jobo integrated funnel/light trap works. Pour too fast, you go over the top of the funnel,and the fluids rain down all over the film.

If you take a Jobo tank lid, unattached to a tank, and pour a bunch of water in it too fast while observing the flow underneath, you'll see this. Looks just like the flow out of a shower head, absolute disaster for any chance at smooth development.

This has nothing to do with old blix, I'd bet a dollar on it... We'll know soon enough as /dev/null (surely a fellow Unix comrade) reports back.