Unless you count an Instamatic (126 film is sort of 35mm) I was another Zenit EM starter, although I used an old Ensign 120 TLR of my mother's before I got that. The Zenit was replaced by an OM2n which I still use constantly. Interestingly, shortly after I got the OM I was fool enough to leave both it and the Zenit on view in the car for a few minutes. Someone broke a window and stole the Zenit but left the OM2. This was about 1980 when an OM2n was state of the art. There's no pleasing some people :-).

I am surprised to see only one OM10 starter. With the optional manual adaptor they were (still are) great starter cameras. I have two and have lost count of the ones I have checked over to be bought by my students over the years.