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The working solution will degrade much more quickly than the liquid stock variations of tetenal you can buy. This is because the water at working solution dilution contains plenty of oxygen to help the chems begin the process of self immolation. I question whether you can get to "several months", but if stored well (glass with no air in contact with the surface of the fluid) it should last at least six weeks.
I wholeheartedly agree that storing a concentrate will be better than storing a working solution, but that appears to be not an option here. Splitting a powder mix is generally not recommended and making a concentrate from it may or may not work. What I suggested was the best he could do with the kit he got.

Since Tetenal's C41 working solutions are known to last very well I am quite confident that a tightly sealed bottle of working solution can be stored for many months. The biggest question mark will be that his kit is called "press kit", and I remember press kits as something that works quickly but does not necessarily last very long.