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The difference from "your normal" is what's important more than how you count.

I use an incident meter. I measure once with dome pointed at the light source as my baseline. In a cross-lit situation I then point the dome at the camera and take a reading.

The difference between those two readings in late afternoon is normally about 1-stop. I consider that a normal SBR.

If the subject is backlit, the difference between baseline and dome at the camera readings might be 3-stops. High contrast, large/wide/high SBR.

If the subject is front lit the difference is 0, so one stop less than my normal which indicates a small/narrow/low SBR.
I think I mentioned this before Mark, but I wish you'd write an incident meter howto. There's tons of stuff out there for spot metering but incident not so much. All I've read about is duplexing and pointing the incident meter at the camera. Is it really that simple?