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Is it really that simple?
Yes. Take it out of the box, put in the battery, set the ISO to box speed, set the aperture or time you prefer, extend the dome, point it at the camera, take the reading, use the setting it tells you to. If you just do that when using any negative film you will get good usable negatives almost without fail.

Sure there are some nuances to learn, ways to use them in non-standard situations, ways to be even more accurate, and there other tweaks you can add, but even without the advanced class stuff incident metering is truly simple and incredibly reliable.

BTW the method I described above is essentially how BTZS finds SBR, they just add a specific number to the result (5 or 6 ????) to translate it into a number that most zone system people understand.

(And o.k. I'll think about writing an article here. No promises on when though.)