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OK, nothing can ever be strait forward can it? LOL

I'm trying to figure out how to measure a contrast range to find N, N+1, N-1. My idea was to use an incident reading to make the exposure, then switch to spot/EV to measure the spread of lights and darks.

From what I've read the spread should be about 5 stops, zone III to zone VII, for normal. If the spread is zone III to zone VIII, that would be N-1.

So taking that into consideration would the LSLR for my original example (EV14 and EV 9) be an LSLR of 5 or 6? In other words, "N" or N-1?"

The statistically average scene is 7 1/3 stops. The Zone III to Zone VIII range is for shadows with good detail and an average highlight (non specular). If you want to place EV 9 on Zone III and EV 14 falls on Zone VIII, that would be considered N.