Color film users (4x5) please take a moment to share your experiences with that one film you find to be without peer. I am a long-time devotee of b/w, large format--primarily admiring the work of others but, of late, jumping into the fray myself--but would like to hear from you pros why I "really need to try 4x5 color film ______," what ever that turns out to be.

The thrust of my inquiry is that Spring is not far off, and I'm told, the mountains in the desert area to which I've just relocated will be abloom with flora, particularly poppies. I need to get up there at sunrise with my Speed and 'report back' with a photo journal...

So, then, which 4x5 color film excites your artistic sensibilities...



ps: any pro insights into using the Speed (particularly for the scenario I've outlined above) are gratefully received--e.g., is a light meter de rigueur for this press camera, etc.