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I really think it's wrong-headed to assume that "Lomo fans" are all somehow learning-disabled
I hoped I had made it clear that I was referring to the initial impression that someone whose prior experience of photography was exclusively digital might get when first encountering Lomography.

Many people today are convinced of digital's superiority in every way. Lomography, whilst being an excellent thing in the sense that it is fashionable with youngsters and introduces them to film, ironically may at first reinforce that stereotype. In that sense it is a strange ambassador for film. That is all I was saying - I even backed down on my use of the word 'misrepresenting', conceding it was maybe not the right word to use.

Of course the Lomo fans may then go on to learn more about film photography - I hope they do. If they don't - at least they are buying film and having fun using it - which is absolutely fine by me, too.

But please, no way did I imply that Lomo fans were 'learning-disabled' - nor would I do so. I think that comment was a bit out of order.