Don't get me wrong. I've gotten some wonderful mtn prints from PanF 120, but mainly on those days
when the light was a bit softened by mist or rain or falling snow. It's nice on our foggy beach days too.
But it's a poor choice if you want to dig way down into harsh high altitude shadows in bright sun and
preserve the sparkle of highlights at the same time. You won't get much differentiation below Zone III,
if you are into Zone System ideology. I use Efke 25 for extreme range work in small cameras - but with it going away, am going to compromise with Fuji ACROS instead. Pan F has a special look, so can be very rewarding - the highlights and upper mids can really open up with pryo - but it takes awhile to optimize this per exp & dev technique. Be aware it has poor latent image characteristics, so develop it fairly soon after exposure, not several months later!