Did I just reply to this on the other forum? Anyway, the orange of poppies reproduces relatively poorly
on color neg film, really poor on Portra and better, yet still so-so, on Ektar (inherently poor differentiation between yellow and yellow-orange - and yes, I sure as hell have printed poppy shots from these films!). Velvia is very unforgiving, so you meter for the critical colors and either let the
shadows go black or work in softer lighting. Provia gives a little more latitude; or if you can find any of the now discontinued Kodak E100G you will get wonderful flower results. Oh am I ever beginning to miss Cibachrome for the oranges and violets! I have one old 30x40 poppy print left over from a retrospective I shared a long time ago with some bearded guy, now dead ... other than that, I'm trying to figure out how to reprint it using interneg on Fuji CA paper... did some orange suject matter last nite
onto 8x10 internegs.