We won't booooh you unless you don't disclose the stores info particularly if they accept credit card/paypal and are willing to ship!There should be 23 - 28 rolls left so please send me a private message of their contact info before disclosing it here . . .
Ha, ha, ha, : ) !!! The small photo business I bought the two rolls from, may have have had a pay pal option. I haven't asked them yet if they do pay pal. The other store, a drug store, has been selling the film as well. They don't use pay pal I am afraid. I have been to some of their stores and the shelves where Ektar was were empty. A saleswoman even removed the label from the shelf when I asked her about the film. She said it may not be restocked again!

I keep you updated, kind regards,

igmolinav : ) !!!