I just acquired a YashicaMat-124 (not 124G).

The only thing I can find wrong with it is that the shutter will only cock and fire if the flash sync lever is set to X-sync.

If it's set to M-sync then the shutter doesn't appear to cock or fire.

A bit of googling suggests that the shutter is damaged due to the self-timer being activated while flash sync is set to M.

However, the speeds sound good and I've just developed a roll which suggests the camera is working OK.

Is the shutter likely to die on me at some unspecified future date?
Or can I simply continue to operate it in X-sync without worrying ?
Or should I simply say to the seller, you had better have it back?

(As I will never use flash I'm not too bothered about whether X or M syncs work at all)

If it really needs a service/repair, then who (apart from the usual suspects up in Liverpool) are the Yashica gurus in the UK ?

(no good mentioning Mark Hama, I'm not shipping it overseas)