AA's prints are really pretty fuzzy compared to today's large-format standards. This becomes quite
apparent when you see his images four or six feet wide - that's why he recommended making prints on that scale lower-contrast on non-glossy paper! We've got way better cameras, film, and lenses to choose from, plus our own bag of tricks added to those he taught. But anything looks crisp compared to the average inkjet smear that is so popular nowadays. He had assistants retouch his prints. I felt
sorry for the dude I saw trying to spot out the silhouette of a mosquito which was resting on the film
during the exposure of a famous Denali scene - right in the sky area. It looked like a big helicopter! But
yes, seeing the real prints and all the subtle poetry in them is different from looking at a book or postcard, and extremely different from looking at the kind of web smudges that pass for photography