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Color film users (4x5) please take a moment to share your experiences with that one film you find to be without peer. I am a long-time devotee of b/w, large format--primarily admiring the work of others but, of late, jumping into the fray myself--but would like to hear from you pros why I "really need to try 4x5 color film ______," what ever that turns out to be.

The thrust of my inquiry is that Spring is not far off, and I'm told, the mountains in the desert area to which I've just relocated will be abloom with flora, particularly poppies. I need to get up there at sunrise with my Speed and 'report back' with a photo journal...

So, then, which 4x5 color film excites your artistic sensibilities...
If you're going into the desert to shoot flowers - do yourself a favour and buy some of the near discontinued Velvia 50. It will blow your socks off but I would spot meter if I were you and take some graduated filters. If you can't get Velvia 50 I would try Provia 100. I find Velvia 100 quite tricky - people call it Redvia for good reason.

For exposing Velvia 50 I would rate at 40 and place highest detail at + 1 2/3 and the darkest area at -3 stops... You can get away with yellow/red highlights (i.e. setting sun sky) at +2 2/3 stops because the yellow layer seems to go on and on...

On the negative film side you can't go wrong with Portra 160 or 400... they scan beautifully and you won't need any grads. Just expose the darkest shadow you need to be non-black at -2 stops.

I've only just started liking Ektar but do not underexpose - I would place shadows at -1 if possible.

So ... take some Velvia 50 and Portra 400!!