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Sorry to put a downer on your thread, but this is a very different type of film. 'Conductive film coating' for 'touch panels and related applications'.
Nothing to do with the light sensitive emulsion we so enjoy.
Nah, the main point wasn't so much whether or not this tech has anything to do with photographic film per se, but rather on the fact that Kodak is involved in some research and production of technologies which aren't too tightly connected to photography but to other large business areas instead. This is important, because we have seen that Fuji is nowadays a company which produces even makeup products (http://www.fujifilm.com/news/n111205.html). It's for the best of us if these giants find other revenue streams in addition to traditional film business because we do know that focusing purely on photography and downsizing won't be possible due to the large coating lines and the cost of manufacturing new smaller machines.