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Not to be Mr. Negative [pun intended] but I doubt other profitable aspects of their business will be allowed to 'fund' photographic production. It's either profitable on its own or not.
That would be the case if film production, makeup and electronic film products were totally unconnected. However, because they share some parts (chemicals, coating, production lines, distribution) producing other stuff that is wanted keeps the production lines running and thus makes the losses of having equipment unused smaller.

Thus it is like a factory producing wooden household items: if at some point there isn't as much demand for wooden stools, they might keep the production running at a smaller portion of stools being produced of the whole capacity but they can have the machines work on some other wooden articles as well. Stools are still profitable, but only doing wooden stools isn't -- widening the catalog is sometimes necessary.

Film is still very much profitable and large business, but only producing film is bad idea. Innovations should be used broadly (Btw, Harman does this too: http://www.harmantechnology.com/DotN...5/Default.aspx)