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How about a Voigtlander Bessa-R? A little bit more than the soviet options, but still pretty cheap. I bought mine for a little over $200.
It's a good camera, but there's some reason to believe that there may be a slight difference in focusing standard between the "commie cameras" and the other M39 cameras. (I think Dante Stella experimented and found there was, Karen Nakamura experimented and found there wasn't, or maybe the other way round.) It would be a shame to have a nice lens and a nice body that didn't meet in the middle, especially with a lens like the Sonnar style that does such good work wide open.

Considering the prices, you might consider getting a Bessa-R *and* a CLA'd Fed-2 or Zorki-4. The fSU cameras have a certain charm all their own that's probably worth the price of admission by itself.