It doesn't need to start as stock solution you can season it with E-6 First Developer starter, or other starters, instructions in the Kodak datasheet.

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So I've been reading about replenished Xtol and have a few thoughts that I didn't quite find answered in all the posts I read.

First here's how I'm thinking I'll set up my system:

Divide on 5l xtol into working solution and replenisher. After each roll of film I will add 90ml replenisher then top off with the tank after developing.

I understand that this developer works best after some "seasoning." So I plan to process ten rolls of film of non critical subject matter to get it to that state.

So there's what I understand, but here's where I have a few questions.

I like to have a 100 speed film and a high speed film in my arsenal. I have been using acros 100 and think that it would be great in this process. I have a bunch of important rolls of 100 across that need development but I exposed them at 100 iso, It is my understanding that I will lose some speed with this process. Would it be safe to assume that this would give me around 80 ISo with across? What's a good starting point developing time? (35mm ss tank). That may work for my negatives at 100 as I scan them and print in the darkroom so a slightly thinner negative works for me.

In general if I were to look at the massive developing chart what would be good starting times for the replenished xtol? the 1:2 times?

As far as high speed film I have been using tri-x pushed in Xtol 1-3 but am not in love with the results, but I love the arista price! I may keep another mix of xtol for using diluted. How does replenished xtol work with something like delta 3200, at around 1000 iso?

In general what are the advantages and disadvantages of replenished xtol? I understand there is some shadow detail loss. Is there more acutance? If I don't go this route I think I'll use pyrocat hd, but I don't if does much for 35mm.
It's stock times + 10% iirc according to the Kodak sheet.. generally speaking, but the Kodak sheet does list replenished times.