we have results!!!!


The most interesting are the last 4. I decided after seeing jnanian's purple images he scanned in color, that I would scan two in color to see what came out. I didn't get ANYTHING close to the purple he did, however, what's REALLY interesting is that... and tell me if I'm wrong... the RED ribbon in the image looks .... RED... not super red, but it certainly seems to have a pinker/redder hue than the sled or the surrounding scenery. Is it possible that somehow the Rodinal I used had some kind of actual dye in it... I mean the rodinal itself is slightly pink... or some other way that the film though developed in B&W somehow still has a slight color tone to it?

Anyway, Film is Kodak Gold 200 shot at EI50 (Because after research I read that it's a good idea to over expose by two stops, probably partially because of the dark base) and stand developed in Rodinal 1+100 for 1 hour as suggested by Terry Christian (Thanks Terry!!!)

I was using a Zeiss Ikon Contina III so focus was done by eyeballing distance so only a few are spot on since I was shooting at about ... well I THINK it was 5.6, honestly I can't be sure as there's no arrow to where the correct aperture is supposed to be but I would assume center would be where it is (I really need to look up the manual haha) so the shutter was about 1/30 almost the whole time so between the hand held, small aperture, and slow speed, I'm shocked at what I got, but happy.

What do you think?