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Finally -for very small users, Google "Chemgon" Essentially a 5 gallon jug for about $50 that contains sodium polyacrylate - which will turn a pH neutralized fixer into a solid that will not leech silver, and the unit can then be thrown in the garbage. I have no affiliation with them other than to have bought a couple, and they seem to work and the local waste dept ultimately signed off on them.
I replied on this matter in post #20.
But just now I understand the idea behind: disposing it as solid waste.

-) Well, being dumped in a landfill this procedure would be environmentally absurd (as landfills as such...)

-) Being incinerated the silver at is best would land in the exhaust filter, otherwise in the sludge and then most probably ending in the environment again.

This being legal shows the absurdity in same waste disposol regulations.