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I have FED 1g and very hard to focus at dim light. I used many Leicas and I was expecting the same easy focus wherever you are but wrong.
May be someone could report Zorki and later FEDs.

This can be true, but equally IIIc rangefinder splitters are frequently faint, the other Leicas models pretty good.

Any of them Leica, Ja or FSU can be misted or fogged internally, and need a clean.

It is best to inspect before you purchase, for contrast, clarity and signs of damage (i.e. degration of image), can be very expensive to fix.

You may need also need calibration, of lens and body, the Leica and e.g. Canon clones have lots of adjustments for rangefinder calibration..., you can easily spend a weekend tinkering... but dont touch unless you are skilled.