While scanners deal with thin negs better than VC papers do, they can also handle a properly exposed and developed negative with absolutely no problems at all. If you aim for normal development or very close to it (e.g. aim for paper grade 3), then you will be able to scan and to wet-print all your negs with no trouble.

If your negs are so thin that making a good print from them requires intensification or toning then your negs are FAR too thin, even for optimal results from a scanner. The scanner will give you an image, but it won't be nearly as good as the image from properly developed film. If the negs print at grade 5 then the scanner will work OK, but again that's a neg that's definitely thinner than you want it to be.

If a neg is so dense that the scanner is troubled, you're well into the film's shoulder and it's going to print badly anyway.