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One practical advantage that few people reference is that a replenishment regime means that your "working" developer" is always at room temperature - if room temperature is near 20C, this means no temperature adjustment.

I use replenished HC110 which is more complex than X-Tol, but otherwise very nice.

If I had a bit more room for storage, I would transition to replenished X-Tol.

It is so convenient not having to worry about wasting developer, due to the difference between the minimum quantity of developer needed to avoid premature exhaustion vs. minimum quantity required to cover the film in the tank.
I, like Matt, used replenished HC-110b, used it for 5 or 6 years and thousands of rolls of film, 95% of it TX. What it did, it did extremely well, but it was very difficult to work with in some regards that no matter how I struggled I couldn't fix, and my work hit a point where I couldn't have those problems.

Then I tried Tmy2 in replenished xtol. Over the past 6 months I've been working with that. It took me about 50 to 75 rolls to begin to understand it - it is a BIG jump from TX and hc-110b - and a lot of that was getting over old biases and habits as far as a negative and printing, but now that I've begun to figure it out and I can't believe I've been missing it for so long. It's not that it is fully capable as far as making a great photo, almost all films and devs are, it is more that it is extremely easy to work with, from storage, to stability, to mixing, to how it responds to agitation and temp. I'm still a bit stunned at how easy it is compared to what I was doing, and quite frankly, how much better my prints are for it.

But this is all an aside, back to the OP, the replenishment process is great. Don't get caught up on the stability or the developer loosing it's action...xtol stock has a shelf life of something like 6 months doesn't it? After seasoning it's really really nice in a way that I won't bother trying to explain here since others have done that in other posts. Just give it a try.