Jerevan and AgX, Thanks!

It certainly is a shame that Kodak is folding as fast as it is. I'm very glad Henk is working so hard at compiling his EU list. It may turn out that it will be easier to get the components for basic emulsions than to get processing chemistry. I've started working with D23 as my first-choice film developer because I know I can buy enough metol and sodium sulfite to last my lifetime. I swear that one of these days I'm going to finally try Caffenol!

It is an oversight on my part that I haven't tested Ilford's version of Photoflo 200 in an emulsion. Don't know why I haven't. Ilford products are in my personal pantheon. So, new question for EU friends: How hard/expensive is it to get Ilford products outside of the UK? This makes it look pretty easy (??)

Now, if we can just get Simon to sell silver nitrate, gelatin, etc! I've always maintained that d.i.y. will be part of saving commercial. If photographers know that homemade is possible, they won't be afraid to commit to a "dying" medium.

Anyway, I'm going to be ordering some Ilfotol Wetting Agent today and give it a spin asap.