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I successfully processed Tri-X exposed at 160ASA in Foma LQR, which is the developer included in the Foma Reversal Kit. I used it diluted 1+6 at around 12 min, 20C, with no problems. See yourself : https://vimeo.com/39136131

For advice, I would suggest you to try plain Rodinal as 1st and 2nd developer, diluted 1:15 (66mL/L), 1st developing for around 10 min at 20C. Browse my other vids for more details...

Tofek, thank-you that's just the kind of practical advice I need! I also have a stock of Rodinal I can try.

I've seen your clips on vimeo which look great. But I can't see the detail on the ones video'd from screen and I wonder which developer you think gives the sharpest/best contrast image?