I just purchased a used Spotmeter V (a 1983 vintage if the JCII sticker is valid), and I have a few questions. I have searched on the APUG site and didn't find specific questions previously answered, so here goes.

First, my version takes the 3 silver-oxide cells, so the battery combination issues should not apply in my case. The meter looks to be in very good operating condition for 30 year-old equipment, and the meter responds quickly when engaged, the internal low-level light works and it is basically in clean condition. A quick check against a high contrast subject indicates that the "spot" is accurately identified by moving from low to high brightness.

My questions follow:

1. The battery check range follows about 11 1/2 to about 14 1/2 on the meter internal scale, with the 11 1/2 area seeming to be on the "high" side of a battery check. When fresh batteries are installed, where does the needle fall within the "check" range? The batteries installed currently measure "14", which is within the limits but on the low end, is this still acceptable?.

2. The zero-point for the meter is a black circle, and I would think that the needle "centered" in the circle would be zero, is that correct? I prefer the Gossen "line" for a zero point, and I would think that an accurate zero-point is critical for the Spotmeter. Any suggestions for this?

3. This is the luminance question. The "EV" scale of the Spotmeter doesn't agree with my Gossen meter, and my belief is that a EV level is universal, not selective based on manufacturer. For example, at a EV setting of 14 on the Spotmeter, my Gossen is 2 stops lower. And I am setting the Gossen on the EV scale not the exposure measurement scale (there is a difference), and the ASA settings compare. Maybe the question is if the Pentax scale is truly a EV measurement?

4. How frequently do you get a Spotmeter calibrated? On the Richard Ritter site he suggests every 12-24 months which seems a little high or overly cautious.

What I plan to do this weekend is get outdoors with it and my Gossen and start measuring comparable subjects, landscapes etc. Or go crazy and run some film based on the meter output and look at the results.

Thanks for your suggestions, the Pentax is a little different than what I am familiar with.