I was reading an article in National Geographic about scientists who were recording the sun at 10+ wavelengths of light to determine weather patterns to predict solar radiation etc etc.

It got me thinking about shooting the sun with some IR film and how would I go about this? Are there details on ratings? Like exposure, aperture, etc? If possible? Same question with the moon (which I'm sure there are more details on then the sun).

Next anyone know how to mount an RZ67 to a telescope? Haha I could borrow a nice 400mm or 600mm canon lens and add 2x extension tubes for my 35mm but would prefer to shoot this on 120 for higher detail/magnification rather than 35mm.

I already have an IR filter and would be using Rollei IR film for 120 or Rollei IR film OR exposure HIE (which I've just acquired two rolls of) in 35mm.

Any thoughts? Info? Thanks!


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