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The 1.4 is has horrible color rendition when it is single-coated and probably poor color rendition when MC. I used a single coated.
But it is sharp. Very good for B&W.
If you do no slides, go for it.
That's interesting. I had a single coated 1.4 and while the color rendition was fine, it was unuseable wide open - every bright spot had a reddish halo around it. I now have a later 1.4, multicoated, and can't see any difference in the colors, but it is reasonably sharp wide open.

My experience with 35mm standard lenses in general is that the slower ones are usually as good and often better - sometimes much better - than the fast options. I used a pre-AI f1.4 Nikkor until I discovered the 50/2 Nikkor-H; the 1.4 found a new home and I have an f2 on each of my Nikon bodies.