Hi folks

I bought a 30m roll of Agfa Copex HDP13 a while back dirt cheap and finally got round to trying it. It's unperf so the only camera I have that can use it is my EOS 10qd. I read that microfilm is great in bad light and as I like in the far north of England where the light is frequently bad, this interested me. I shot 8 rolls at ISOs 25, 50, 100, and developed in Microdol-X 1:3 to tame contrast. However, all my notes about dev times have proved to be useless as I discovered today the meter in my EOS 10qd was overexposing by about 8 stops, explains why I was getting such dense negatives. However, this film seems to have a massive latitude, and despite being extremely dense, my Plustek 7600i was able to scan them. All these are shot with my Micro-Nikkor 3.5/55, no point giving you specifics of development times and temps, but I think the dilute Microdol has done a good job of taming the contrast and producing nice tonality. Sharpness is excellent and grain is tiny, tonality is nice but I am sure I can improve on it now I've resolved the EOS metering issue.