Thanks Dan, Salem.

It's too nice to let go. I bought it almost on impulse from the daughter of a deceased photographer. She is clearing her late father's house and it was in a cupboard. It just looked too nice not to offer her something for it. She got a good price for it, as good as if it were perfect in fact. I too suspect it'll keep going ok, and the test roll shows such fabulous sharpness and clarity I don't want to let it go now. And it's pretty.

Her father's darkroom was a bit of a trove. Thousands of sheets of paper, some unused and sealed, some open and decades old. Three big colour enlargers including a gigantic DeVere 405 with a colour head, half a dozen easels, gallon drums of fixer and developer, and perhaps a dozen enlarger lenses, all Rodenstocks and Schneider-Kreuznachs. If I had had the spare money, a proper house/workshop and a van, I'd have cleared it for her. As it is I suspect you'll see a lot of it on a certain second-hand photographic supplies site in the near future. Other smaller stuff will go on eBay I expect.

I came away with a load of paper so I can play with lith (including a nearly full box of Fotospeed Lith paper in 16x12), and the camera.