hazardsg, welcome to the forum and good luck on your research. My first LF camera was/is a Graflex Super Graphic with a 135mm Wollensak Optar. It's a great starting platform, and many people use them for landscapes and whatever else. The camera is too limited for architectural photography, but it's more than enough for landscapes and such. The Wollensak lens is sharp, but it doesn't have a lot of sharp image circle for movements. However, the camera folds up with that lens into a nice compact bundle.

Another choice is the Toyo 45AX, which is currently in production, and you can find them used for reasonable prices. Toyo bought the Graflex camera line, and initially produced a Toyo Super Graphic. I have a 45AX, and it has the same amount of front movement as the Super Graphic. It adds some rear swing, though, and the bed can be locked into elevated positions to give you a tremendous amount of rise.

As for developing at home, I develop in my bathroom. I blacked out the windows, and I can develop on the sink counter. I usually use a Jobo, but for just one sheet I use a tray.

Good luck!