I want to start playing with b&w filters for non-people use.

I'm having trouble deciding between these filters: 040/041/090/091 (orange, red-orange, light red, dark red).

I prefer convenience and simplicity over "optimal" results. I just want to slap on a filter and go because I'm not that serious about photography. I prefer b+w because they are built well and I'm not looking into cokin/lee filters, graduated, etc. That seems a little overkill because I do not plan on doing things slowly, such as spot metering, using a tripod, and all that stuff. I just want to focus and compose.

More importantly, my applications:

Flowers: i like to take pictures of flowers on occasion and i notice that my bw pictures are flat because well...most colors desature to very similar shades of gray. I was thinking of a 090 or 091 filter to darken the greens and lighten pink/red/white flowers.
Scenics: Similarly, I feel that a darker skys look better but that redder filters would obliterate my shadow detail, maybe, so I was thinking 040 or 041.

Any suggestions on filters, I'm willing to buy more than one if you guys with experience find uses for having multiple ones. This is probably an open-ended question but I figured that someones experience can save me money from buying and testing all four filters. All examples would be great but I was just thinking of 040 and 090, not to overdo things and to maximize versatility.