I thank you all for your thoughts and I will be reading more of all your stuff.
One thing I have noticed over the years having read many books, from Feininger, Adams, Barnbaum, Ctein, Lambrecht, Davis to name the more well known is that a lot contradict each other.
Many books just seem to copy what others have written in the past(not really meaning those mentioned above).
This is all very confusing, especially for people starting out. I worked until recently in a professional darkroom and there I have enlarged many negatives which were in an awful state exposure and development wise.
Not enought attention is given in my opinion to an important factor in the photography regarding exposure firstly and to a lesser degree development.
Too much attention is given to cameras, special magical developers etc. The handcraft needed for exposure is negleted too much.
Although for a few "mistakes" running in the wild out there I think aren't that bad since some of the information gets in a general good direction and should help even if not 100% correct.

This has also taught me to be sceptical and that led me to testing. I just hate reading long articles on the computer, it makes me giddy and nervous. I suppose I will print out a few things.