I'm a fan of "rock" photography. Not only of photography showing the band onstage, but also of the one that shows the band at all other times: traveling, eating, rehearsing, goofing off, etc. Annie Liebovitz comes to mind. Her early (mostly thos of the 70s) photographs of the Rolling Stones are amazing. Anyway, you guys get the idea. But I was wondering, when onstage, most of the time, there's a lot of light, but not always. Following a band shows quite a few challenges, not the least of which is that sometimes there isn't enough light. Are these photographers on "shutter priority" all the time? This may be a loaded question, I understand, and no simple answer, but how do you do this? I'm sure one has to be well versed in photography technique to accomodate all the situations that will arise (e.g.: lots of light, not enough light, etc) following a band on tour. I would love to try this (first, of course, I would have to find a willing band) and I would like to know how it's done. Assume that this will be done on film, not digital, and even though there might be some color, it will be done in B&W.